2016 oab not updating dating a man with small children

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2016 oab not updating

The file location is correct and shows where the current OAB files are.

I verified the file location manually but also noticed the date discrepancy (the blue rectangles in the above image) which shows the date the attempted download was made (upper left) and the date of the files (lower right).

When you have Cached Exchange Mode enabled, Outlook by will by default cache the main Global Address List as well.

This situation however is extremely rare since the default maintenance time on Exchange is at AM and updates and downloads are usually performed during working hours.

Learn how to configure the offline address book (OAB) update interval in Exchange 2016.

An offline address book (OAB) is a copy of an address book that's been downloaded so that an Outlook user can access the information it contains while disconnected from the server.

The command for the manual update procedure can be found here: Outlook will automatically download updates only unless the size of the changes is larger than 12.5% (one-eighth) of the total OAB size.

In that case the whole OAB is being downloaded again.

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