Sedating bassett hounds

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Dogs take a relatively high dose of benadryl as compared to people. There are other things that can cause swollen eyes, but the bee sting seems most likely to me. If things have not improved by the morning (or if you feel he really is uncomfortable tonight) then another vet visit may be in order. There are a couple of conditions that can cause pain on opening the mouth such as something called masticatory myositis or a retrobulbar abscess (an abscess behind the eye.) However, masticatory myositis shouldn't cause swelling around the eyes, and it would be extremely rare (if not impossible) to have an abscess behind each eye. The pictures online are similar to what my dog looks like but he doesn't have the prolapse just a lot of swelling. Will this help the cherry eye, or is it inevitable that he will need surgery?All that I read says cherry eye doesn't seem to hurt the dog and my dog can't open his mouth without pain and yelping. Oh, I am sorry to hear that Quinn is not feeling well.As it turned out, Hunter came through the procedure with all of his teeth intact.Surprisingly, he was diagnosed with moderate dental tartar (I expected it to be much worse) and I was instructed to brush his teeth daily to prevent a recurrence of dental problems.He's sitting in the closet hiding and has been all day. It is unusual for cherry eye to pop up all of a sudden and it definitely shouldn't cause pain to him.I am concerned that there may be something else going on.

A dental cleaning is performed with the dog sedated under general anesthesia and it's a costly procedure - 8 for me.Lafora disease is an inherited late onset progressive myoclonic epilepsy.Myoclonus (jerking) is a feature of the disease which characteristically can be induced by flashing lights), sudden sounds and movement especially that close to the dog’s head.From this experience I learned that neglecting dog dental care may lead to oral disease, which is a common health problem in pets, and costly veterinarian bills. Ideally, veterinarians recommend daily brushing with a toothpaste specifically designed for dogs.Also, use a toothbrush designed for dogs or pets because the brush will be smaller and softer than the ones that we use.

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Generalised or complex partial seizures may be seen in some dogs.