Using your intuition when dating

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Using your intuition when dating

The gut is the devil and your best friend at the same time. I've never felt this way before."Gut: "Yes you did. It got me thinking about the "Mom Bod," so I Googled the term and sure enough, I found several articles... Two, remember the other night around midnight when he got a text, jumped up, read it, turned his phone over on the table and started kissing you?In last week's column, I wrote about my conflicted feelings on the "Dad Bod" and how people are celebrating the cuteness of men with larger midsections and less than perfectly sculpted arms. "We all have a heart and a gut boxing it out in our bodies every single day.This article from the Huffington Post revealed that 30% of now-divorced women knew that they shouldn’t be marrying their husbands as they walked down the aisle. The same could apply to any situation, really – just taking a moment to use this valuable tool we all have but underutilize. One’s emotions can be helpful in pointing the way toward love—or as unreliable as a broken compass whose needle points in only one direction. Sometimes we can’t pinpoint the reason, but we just have a nagging sense about something or someone.If so, some healing, therapy, prayer, or straight talk with yourself might be in order. If so, it adds credence to the intuition you may be trying to dismiss. It’s easy to develop blind spots when our emotions are focused on the possibility of lasting love. Nature has given us our gut feeling as an important tool for survival. Becoming conscious of when your intuition is right will give you the proof you need to build that trust.

You need to listen to your intuition so that you can make smart decisions.How many times do we think to ourselves, “Oh I just knew that was the wrong decision, but I didn’t listen to my gut.” How many people have you dated (and continued to see) even though there was that internal voice that said, “This won’t work.This is the wrong person for you.” Intuition is an amazing gift from the universe that we often choose not to accept.There are two contenders not in the ring, but rather in the human body that I think make Mayweather and Pacquiao look like best buddies. These two organs are constantly battling it out when it comes to dating, relationships and love.The heart is constantly showering you with details about how wonderful and perfect the guy or girl you are dating is.

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If this is the case, resist the urge to ignore what your intuition and your brain are telling you. But it might mean you should take them with a grain of salt. Is your fear based on actual danger, or is it fueled by old baggage you’ve yet to unpack and unload? Our intuition is talking to us, but there’s no immediate danger or need for a quick decision, so we give things time to see if future events confirm or recalibrate our instincts.

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